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Storage Tips

How to Pack a Storage Unit

Storage and Moving Tips | Premier Self Storage - ppl1Maximize the Use of Your Storage Unit

Knowing a few tricks about how to pack a storage unit and maximize your space can result in saved time and money.  See the 5 easy steps below that can save you time and money when storing your things.

In addition to the packing tips, Premier Self Storage offers the best prices on moving storage boxes and supplies to ensure your move is as easy as possible.  From packing materials to wardrobe boxes, we are your one-stop storage solution.

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+ Stacking and box strategy

Stack boxes to the ceiling to make the best use of your storage unit. Pack heavy items at the bottom of boxes to provide a stable base; then place the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the stack. Reduce items down into smaller pieces whenever possible and store larger pieces vertically. When possible use as many of the exact same size boxes or bins, it makes staking easier and safer.

+ Create New Uses for Items

Rethink and repurpose things you are planning to store. For example, you can save room (and money) in your storage unit by packing books and CDs inside the fridge. Just leave the fridge door wedged open for circulation. Also, use empty trash bins to contain garden supplies like shovels and hoses.

+ Be strategic about placement

Keep your frequently used items at the front of your storage unit. This will help you easily locate and grab them on your next visit. Make a basic drawing that points out the location of any “must-find-again-items.” Tape it to the wall of your storage unit.

+ Create an aisle

Allow for a clear path down the center of your self-storage unit. Place items along the walls, but be sure to leave an inch of space for proper air circulation. Don’t forget to face box labels towards the aisle so you can easily read them and navigate your things.

+ Helpful tools

There are a few simple things you can do today to make your next trip to storage quick and easy. Having basic tools like screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers and a utility knife around your storage space will help when taking off removable, like table legs and leaves. Also, keeping a small folding step stool in your unit can come in handy when accessing items stored above-head height. A small flashlight will be very helpful as you pack and when you move out as well.

Storage and Moving Tips | Premier Self Storage - movers2How to Pack Your Belongings like a Professional Mover

At Premier Self Storage we understand how overwhelming packing to move can be. We want you to know some important steps so you can pack like you are a professional mover.

Click on the tips below to see our suggestions!

+ Choose the Right Box

Use the smaller boxes for heavy items like books and dishes; the large boxes for lighter items like bedding, blankets and linens. It’s tempting to use garbage bags as a quick fix, but they tear easily and lack ventilation, which can result in mildew.

+ Pack Your Boxes the Right Amount

Packed boxes should not weigh more than you can comfortably lift. Make sure the boxes remain “square” and do not bulge at the top or sides in order to keep them stable when stacking in your storage unit. It’s important not to under pack boxes that could result in box collapse. Also, the contents of a half-empty box can shift while transporting. Use plastic wrap or newspaper weight paper to wrap glasses and other breakable items and pack those items close and tight together to avoid these items from moving and shifting. Use foam packing peanuts to fill empty spaces without adding much weight.

+ Use Hanging Wardrobe Boxes

Prevent damage to pants, dresses, suits and evening wear by hanging them in a wardrobe box. You can also use these specially designed boxes to hang drapes, bedding, garden tools or garage items.

+ Close Boxes with Quality Tape

Good quality packaging tape is essential. Proper closure of your boxes with professional packing tape ensures that each box maintains its structure and protects your items. Be sure to firmly close the top and bottom flaps with wide tape.

+ Label Your Boxes

Label the contents of each box. This will save you from having to open every box when you need something later. Mark boxes that need to be handled and stacked with a definitive top — especially items like glassware, picture frames and lamps that can easily be damaged when moving into your storage unit.

+ Prep Your Power Tools

If you are storing lawnmowers, weed whackers and/or leaf blowers or even small recreational vehicles YOU MUST drain fuel tanks before packing them in your storage unit and place a tarp or a piece of cardboard underneath to avoid damaging the floor. This will prevent other items in your unit from adopting a fuel odor and also protect your clothing and other items from being damaged in the case of a leak.

+ Wrap Your Furniture

Cover and pad furniture with protective materials to help ensure that they stay in good condition during the moving process and while in storage.

+ Make Items as Small as Possible

For example, you can reduce the size of bed frames to help everything fit more comfortably in your storage space. Wrap frames together with tape (use the non-sticky side for no tape residue) then place any screws in plastic bags and tape them to the frame.

+ Figure Out What Size Unit You Need

Once everything is packed, measure out the unit size you think you need with tape on the floor of your apartment or house.  See if all of your things fit within the taped area. Remember, most units have a ceiling over 8.5 feet high, so you can stack items as well.

Storage and Moving Tips | Premier Self Storage - image-contact-callout-moving-boxReady to get moving? Check out our size guide and contact us today to view unit availability options!

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